Solution Lose Weight with Diet catering

Solution Lose Weight with Diet catering

Solution Lose Weight with Diet catering

Diet or maintain your diet is not an easy thing to do, especially for busy women. So the junk food and instant food of choice in the density of activity. So no wonder, difficult to control weight.

As a solution, Ultimo Clinic launched a healthy diet catering for those who care about health and body shape. ‘Ultimo Cuisine’ has existed since a few months ago, but on Tuesday (10/16/2012) has launched in Ultimo Clinic at Plaza ABDA, Jakarta. Catering brought the concept of personalized diet, where food will be provided berdasakan calorie needs clients, based on expert analysis of Ultimo nutrusi Clinic.

Size of calories each client is different from each other, depending on body weight, physical activity and body metabolism conditions. Therefore, before clients are interested to order food, first of all they will get an ‘inspection’ first.

The client will pass the test body composition, direct and nutritionists. Then the client will also perform laboratory tests conducted at Ultimo clinic.

Having seen the results, a nutritionist will match clients with the particular diet program menu. Metedo is proven to reduce and maintain your weight effectively, without making the client leaving his favorite food.

There are six programs offered Ultimo Cuisine. Among them, ‘Healthy Diet Program’ is designed with the concept of balance of calories and nutrients. Matched with clients who have diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancer, heart disease and others.

There are also programs ‘Ulitimate Slimming Programme’, designed for weight loss of five to 10 kg per month. Program ‘Perfect Body Shaping’, aims to create a more beautiful body. But still want to eat well without compromising the taste of the food. Weight loss could be down two to four pounds in one month.

The fourth program ‘degenerative Diseases Diet’, which is designed to control diet. Bertujun to help cure and prevent disease. There are also ‘Diet Recovery Program, aimed at clients who had just run the operation, thereby accelerating healing and enhancing body.

Lastly, the ‘Kids Cuisine Program’, with the concept of balance of nutrients that can maximize perkembngan IQ, physical immunity and children aged three to 12 years. That’s because a healthy and balanced diet is needed early on.

Healthy food synonymous with food ‘less seasoning’. But you need not worry, Ultimo Cuisine will still serve delicious food but still maintain health.

The menu offered was quite diverse, changing daily. Food is also directly delivered to you, twice a day (for lunch and prophecy). One-time cost of food ranging from Rp 90 thousand.

Interested? Immediately visit Ultimo Clinic at Plaza ABDA, Sudirman, call 021-51401118. Ultimo also in Surabaya, precisely in Comp. Commercial Rich, phone 031-5621028. And in Bali, Jl. Sunset Road, phone 0361-8947523.

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